Modern Art and Architecture in the Land of the Pharaohs


You may recall that I had a recent dreamlike experience in SL in which I was summoned in the middle of the night to visit an immense multiplex being designed and built by DB Bailey; actually a virtual replica of a real project to be built in Cairo, Egypt. At the time he actually was in Egypt as well as Second Life, but has since returned to the U.S. after a few months tending to this project, which is still in the planning and development stages. DB (noted architect David Denton in real life) has been using the virtual world as his sketchbook for quite some time, I learned, and actually designs his real world projects using the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) in Second Life. If you’d like to investigate further, this project has been documented in some detail on the architectural website, The Arch Network, where DB has been submitting regular dispatches from Cairo.

Since that night I have visited the site several times; the most recent visit to discuss the selection and placement of some of my digital paintings at key places within the architecture of the multiplex. The actual wall spaces to which these paintings will be applied would measure in real world terms somewhere around 65 to 75 feet square; which means that if the client approves the works, or requests something similar to be created exclusively for theses spaces, they would have to be outputted in large format somewhere in the neighborhood of the size of a three-story billboard. Actually, it would require that new works be done for these spaces because the original files for these works were intended to be output at about the size of a very large canvas for gallery exhibition. Back to the digital drawing board.

Seen overlooking my painting origami from a third floor walkway at the multiplex: Chrome Underwood, Celine Fairport (an art dealer in real life); and architect DB Bailey.

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