My Appearance on Metaverse TV

I recently appeared on The Late Show , with Angelico Babii, to discuss my controversial presentation at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles in mid-August. Controversial because, as the only artist on a panel dominated by CEOs and engineers, I introduced an aspect of the burgeoning virtual world industry that no one else seemed to be focusing on: the powerful, almost magical, effect of the aesthetics of a virtual world on its users.

This seemed to present a challenge to many of those present, since the goal from a business perspective is to haul in greater and greater numbers of people with an eye toward profitability, which seems to be leading to lower and lower standards of visual sophistication – or, dumbing things down simply to achieve ease of use.

Second Life, however, has a different business model, and as it happened, one of the members of the Linden Family, the inner circle of SL, was in the audience that day, and posed an interesting challenge to the members of the panel. You can read the entire story at

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