he (plays the guitar) just like ringin’ a bell


Just finished this new digital painting and it deserves at least a couple of comments, since it is unusual in a few important ways. Having been asked to provide at least two digital paintings for DB Bailey’s Cairo project, as mentioned in the previous post, I was immediately led back to an earlier body of work, which seemed far more appropriate for the space and context. There were two limitations, however: the images had to be square, and they had to fit well into their surroundings. The obvious first choice was origami. It fit perfectly. Unfortunately, nothing else from that era even came close.

The only problem then was that the body of work from which this was drawn was almost five years old, and I had since moved on to other things: other ideas, other styles, other worlds. In order for me to fill the other space I was going to have to return to a style of work that I hadn’t worked in for several years. This was an entirely new idea for me – to actually go backwards; I had been moving forward at warp speed for as long as I can remember.

So, over the weekend I set about whipping up a digital melange using whatever I could find lying around the house (well, the external hard drive), and, shazam! this painting appeared in front of me as if out of nowhere. I guess this means that painting is kinda like riding a bike; you just get on and start pedaling. No telling where you might end up, but it sure is fun trying to get there.

Btw, this thing was way too wild for its new surroundings, so I’m getting back on the bicycle and heading out ‘soon’s I finish this to see what I can find. This time I’ll take a ride on the mild side.

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  1. WOW!!! I Love it!!! I Love it more than Origami I think too, and that is my fave of yours so far!!!
    Let’s talk about a RL print??
    Its gorgeous!!

  2. Chrome says:

    Thank you, Gracie. It is pretty amazing that this vision appeared before me almost out of thin air. For a minute there I thought I had some sort of magical powers…. that idea disappeared the following day, however. :)

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