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buildingcode1024Confirmed speakers for the panel at SIGGRAPH 09 are:

Dr. Chris Thorne, Managing Director of VRShed Pty Ltd, developers of visualisation/simulation content, currently manages a number of projects using Second Life, Google Earth/Maps and Web 3D technologies,with a focus on improving fidelity, scalability and accuracy in simulation. Chris will discuss the Cross Worlds Campus, or, how we repurpose 3D campus assets into different online worlds.

Steve Guynup, Doctor of Design & Communication, Lecturer in Game Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh; and Dr. Warren Wake, Chair of Game Art and Design and Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Mauricio Ferrazza, Film, Theatre, 3D, and Video Game Design professional, Professor of Media Arts & Animation for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. They will discuss The Magic Classroom: a simple, flexible, immersive educational concept with radical implications.

Paul Aslin, freelance 3d artist and web3d developer, specializing in avatars and technologies. Paul will discuss an all-new X3D-based 3d chat system with realistic avatars and gestures; as well as advanced building tools for making virtual buildings, from scripted elevators to entire cities built on vectors and 3d math.

Peter Schickel, Founder of Bitmanagement Software GmbH, credited by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) for Standardization of VRML and MPEG technologies and is member of the board of directors of the Web3D consortium. His discussion will focus on the latest projects utilizing Bitmanagement software.

Lauren Gauthier, CEO of 3D Net Productions; Virtual Relationships and Trust: an overview of the social impact of virtual worlds and multiplayer online games as it relates to the apparent disparity between users, their avatars and multiple online personas.

Doug Twilleager, Wonderland group, Sun Microsystems; formerly the implementation architect for Java 3D, as well as one of the designers of Sun’s OpenGL implementation. An Update on Project Wonderland: over the past year, Project Wonderland has gone through a major re-architecture; in this talk, Doug will cover all of the changes made to the system, focusing mainly on the graphics subsystem.

Mick Brady, Second Life photographer, blogger, writer and digital artist. The Adventures of a Virtual Artist: the story of Second Life avatar and artist Chrome Underwood, and his ongoing and multi-faceted exploration of the creative possibilities inherent in virtual environments, specifically Second Life, and their implications for the world of art in real life.

Philip Rosedale, Founder and Chairman of Linden Lab; developed and launched Second Life in 2003, now the world’s leading 3D virtual world environment. Philip will discuss the latest developments in this thriving virtual community where users create content, interact with others, launch businesses, collaborate and educate. Second Life now has a thriving economy with over $360 million USD transacted in 2008 alone.


Location: New Orleans, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Date: Wednesday, August 5

Image above: Building Code, by Chrome.

Chris Thorne is Managing Director of VRShed Pty Ltd (, developers of visualisation / simulation content. Chris is interested in the confluence of simulation and social networking. He currently manages and number of projects using Second Life, Google Earth/Maps and Web 3D technologies. Chris has over 25 years experience in 3D graphics industry and academia. His research is about improving quality, fidelity, scalability, accuracy in simulation ( Personal aim is to raise the world of modelling, visualisation and simulation to a new level of fidelity through innovations in simulation.
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