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virtual sushi

I’ve been away for awhile, and I apologize for that. Yes, there is another world out there, folks, and I got stuck in it, virtually ‘immersed’ ya might say. I had been working diligently on my memoir until a few … Continue reading

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angels will be angels

Like humans, avatars have feelings that are not always in sync with their behavior; and when they fall short, both are forgiven by their creators, who understand them all too well. (Click photo to stand next to her fire)

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light and shadow

Wow. Love those light and shadow effects in the new SL viewer. Lots of fun to play around with, and the results are smashing. Just shot a new comic strip using them for the first time, and voila! Vanilla came … Continue reading

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start spreading the news

By Quintessential Flux An exciting moment for me, actually: finally made it into the comic strip, and all it took was a few choice musings on the term “meme”, a word originally coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The … Continue reading

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entertaining angels

by Mick Brady Once upon a time there was an artist so immersed in his work that he often woke up in front of the canvas he’d been working on the night before and stood silently, a cup of coffee … Continue reading

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big air

I wanted to feel bernadette real bad before I left but the highways were changing colors as I looked west, and I could see the red white and blue ribbons of asphalt and concrete rolling towards the horizon, shining in … Continue reading

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chrome at the crossroads

(click image to enlarge)

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living color

A shot of me, wandering around Sub Versa, soon to be the site of Chrome’s new gallery. I’m beginning to wonder if he might have been onto something when he referred to me as a “camilleon” the other day. Ya … Continue reading

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Background Music

Checking in to report on recent activities around here that don’t happen to have anything to do whatsoever with comic books, webcomics, graphic novels or any other linear/narrative verbal/visual forms of communication. No discussions about mermaids, flying red porsches, ground-to-air … Continue reading

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Julie be good

Thought it might be time to focus once again on Juliette, the lovely and loyal subject of much of my attention in Second Life. She is the face and figure of all of my digital artwork, the focal point of … Continue reading

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